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Franklin Krouse

Sr. Architectural Designer

Franklin’s dedication and focus to the field of architecture has resulted in his passion and distinctive abilities. Upon graduating from Kent State’s Master of Architecture program in 2017, he joined Shelton’s team and was enthralled with their overall approach. He found the interplay between craftsmen and designers that Shelton offers provides a unique opportunity to observe and collaborate with a team unparalleled to any other in the region. As a Senior Architectural Designer, he has worked on both residential and commercial projects during his time at Shelton.


His past employment includes working as a designer for an award-winning architectural products manufacturer and local architecture firms in the Pittsburgh area. His work has been recognized in numerous architectural publications. Franklin’s appreciation for the arts and Pittsburgh’s vernacular lends him to deliver a contextually sensitive approach and exquisite detailing abilities.

Franklin is a Pennsylvania native. His interest in art and architecture stem from his childhood education at Touchstone Center for Crafts located in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Prior to his Master’s degree, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University. He resides in the Greensburg area with his wife and daughter and is currently seeking architectural licensure in Pennsylvania.

“What is your favorite project or detail of a project that you’ve worked on at Shelton?”

While each project I have worked on at Shelton has had its own set of unique detailing, our work at Linden 1910 has been executed beyond my expectations. Creating the project in a 3D environment, in conjunction with computer rendering, supplied us with an increased awareness of the overall vision prior to construction. Specific examples of details include the exterior railing assembly, trim work, and overall kitchen layout. Upon completion of the build, it is remarkable to compare the similarities between the schematic and final stages of development.